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Schwarzplan Venedig © LS Baukonstruktion
Schwarzplan Venedig

Venice - Unfolding Reality

For the Summer Academy in Venice, we are looking at four themes that have made Venice what it is today. We are interested in the transition of the medieval city into the 21st century. We want to understand Venice, leave the superficial architectural beauty behind us and examine the conditions that were necessary to shape the city as it is today.

We are interested in the unprecedented infrastructural efforts necessary to ensure the survival of this city. We document the relationship between the mainland and the island, we examine the specialized islands and make visible how the island is supplied and disposed of.

We look at the money that made Venice rich, where it came from and who had it. We want to know who owns the island today, what is public and what is private. Where production takes place on the islands and how much the island earns from the enormous tourism that brings almost 30 million tourists to the lagoon city every year. Politics itself is part of the conditions that make certain architectures possible or impossible. We will therefore analyze the political conditions. We want to know who governed the city and how it was governed. We want to know the history of the Doges and want to see how far the power of Venice has extended and what architecture the power has appropriated or built itself.

Of course, we are also interested in the history, which we will present chronologically. We want to understand how the city has portrayed itself over the centuries and how it has been depicted in painting, literature and film.

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Mittwoch, 10.04.2024, 14:00 Uhr

Lehrstuhl Baukonstruktion, GB II, 1.OG

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